About Glasma AB- Sweden

Studio Glass Batch       Glasma Formula 705

Representing Glasma AB glass batches to North American.

Pelletized glass batch specifically formulated for studios and schools.

Glasma AB, Emmaboda, Sweden, was founded in 1979 to solve the environmental and quality problems for the Swedish glass industry. Working in cooperation with the Swedish Glass Research Institute, they have developed over 50 formulas for glassworks worldwide. They make the batch for the big boys, from Kosta Boda in Sweden to Simon Pearce, America’s largest hand-worked glass manufacturer.

In 2001, responding to requests from European glass studios, Glasma AB developed a new light barium, lead-free pelletized formula - #705 - specifically designed for studio use. Now over 60 studios and glass schools throughout Europe use the 705 with great satisfaction. From the Swedish master Jan Erik Ritzman to the International Glass Centre in Stourbridge UK, Glasma 705 has become the batch of choice for northern European studio glassmakers. As North American glass workers learn about the availability and advantages of the 705, it is gaining ever increasing popularity in the US and Canada as well.