Disclaimer: As of January 22, 2020, Studio Glass Batch is under the management of the team at Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis, MO.  

A brief autobiography by Bill Glasner, founder of Studio Glass Batch

I began blowing glass in 1973 with a five-year apprenticeship with the Rochester Folk Art Guild and opened my own studio in 1978, first in Bristol, NY and then in nearby Victor. I have concentrated on series and limited production vessels in a variety of techniques and styles with occasional ventures into one-of-a-kind pieces and sculptural forms. The Corning Museum of Glass includes four pieces in three techniques in its permanent collection. My work has been represented by galleries and shops nationwide, in Canada and the Far East. It is also included in such publications as New Glass - A Worldwide Survey1979, Glass: State of the Art (Habatat Galleries), Glass Now (Japan), Contemporary Glass (The Corning Museum), New Glass Review, and the New York Times. In the last few years, I’ve transitioned to making hand-carved art glass jewelry from furnace pulled tubing (see www.williamglasner.com).
Over the years, I’ve melted various cullets and batch. Although my glass quality has always been considered quite good, dissatisfaction with the glass I was melting led me to research other options leading to importing my first pallet of Glasma 705 in 2004. Although another Glasma formula had previously been sold here, this was the first time that the 705 batch, specifically formulated for studio use, was melted in this country. 

I was immediately impressed with the 705’s superior quality, brilliance, working characteristics, and ease and energy efficiency of melting. After working the 705, I could never go back to the alternatives. As it is only cost effective to import by the container load (19 metric tons) at a time, I created Studio Glass Batch LLC to facilitate import and distribution, both for my own and colleagues’ use. In the spirit of collegiality, I keep my mark-up low. If I can help others improve the quality of their work and further energy conservation by providing this low melting temperature glass, so much the better.​

Bill Glasner – retired SGB Founder

Studio Glass Batch       Glasma Formula 705

Representing Glasma AB glass batches to North American.

Pelletized glass batch specifically formulated for studios and schools.

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