Representing Glasma AB glass batches to North American.

Pelletized glass batch specifically formulated for studios and schools..

Studio Glass Batch LLC       Glasma Formula 705

Current Price:  $.91/ lb*

f.o.b. Rochester, NY

*: due to volatile fluctuations in US dollar/ Swedish krona exchange rates and transatlantic fuel costs, etc, prices are subject to change per shipment.

Please note: I have negotiated EXTREMELY GOOD RATES with several common carriers, which can offset the batch price. Please ask for DELIVERED PRICE.

LARGE USERS TAKE NOTE: If you are able to take delivery of a full container (19 metric tons= 41,800 lbs), shipped directly from Emmaboda, Sweden to your location, I can offer an additional large discount!


We will contact you with your shipment number and carrier name/ phone number so you can contact them for eta.


The batch comes in 25 kg (55 lb) bags, 40 to a pallet (2200 lbs).

You may order as much or as little as you wish. Just remember that the cost/ lb for shipping decreases the larger your order. 

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